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How to reward yourself with back to school purchases

Back to school. It’s that time of the year again. That time when your wallet may be getting a little thin from buying school supplies, clothes, shoes, electronics, and more. You may not know it, but these purchases can earn you a lot of points for cash back and travel. Follow along and learn how you can earn your next trip off of the purchase of your back to school supplies. New Credit Card Signup Bonuses New credit card signup bonuses are, by far, the best way to earn the most points in the shortest amount of time. How...

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When is it Worth Paying a Credit Card Annual Fee?

You have probably heard about credit card annual fees and, if you are like most people, you probably try to avoid them. In this post, we will look at how to make a decision on paying your annual fee or canceling a card with an annual fee. Ultimately, the decision to keep or cancel any credit card is your decision. Hopefully, this post will help you decide when it is best to cancel or keep your credit card open. What is a Credit Card Annual Fee?   First thing’s first. What is an annual fee? An annual fee, as...

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Save money on your vacation with travel rewards credit cards sign up bonuses

Every year, people who don’t get to travel a lot cite budget as a major contributing factor. It can be difficult for families to budget enough to take the trips they want to take, especially as they get bigger. But if you’re in the process of planning a big trip, you can easily save some significant cash using a travel credit card sign up bonus. Let’s take a look at how to do this in the simplest way possible. Disclosure: Traveling Dad may receive a commission for approvals received through links on this page. The editorial content on this...

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Southwest Airlines – Why They Are Perfect For Your Family

The United States, Mexico, and the Caribbean. If these places are where you want to fly with your family, then Southwest Airlines should be one of the first places you look. Southwest is great for your family and one of the friendliest airlines you will fly.   Southwest Boarding Process You may know Southwest as “that weird airline that doesn’t assign seats”. If you have never flown with them before, this can be a bit stressful. Once you understand the process, however, it is fairly easy to navigate. It is especially friendly if you are traveling with young kids....

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Credit Card Benefits That You Should Know About

Remember getting that new credit card in the mail and immediately throwing away the credit card benefits package? Many people overlook this fine print, but I’m here to tell you that knowing your credit card benefits can save you a good amount of money and headaches. These benefits range from free checked bags to extended warranties and in this post we’ll introduce some of the ones you should know about. Disclosure: Traveling Dad may receive a commission for approvals received through links on this page. The editorial content on this page is not provided by any bank, credit card...

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Travel Rewards Credit Card Offers From Our Partners

The experts at Traveling Dad have identified top rewards credit cards in a variety of categories, below. TravelingDad Tip: Before applying for any of these cards, read through our beginner’s guide on how to earn and maximize your credit card rewards. Travel Rewards Credit Card Offers From Our Partners What kind of reward credit card would work best with your lifestyle? Do you pay off your credit cards each month but travel frequently? A travel rewards credit card, miles credit card or hotel rewards credit card might be right for you. Do you tend to carry a balance? Then...

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The Traveling Dad Beginners Guide to Credit Card Points and Miles

The Traveling Dad beginner’s guide to credit card points and miles. We’ve scoured the Internet for the best resources available so you will be better equipped to understand and use credit card rewards.  The ability to travel the world on points is accessible to anyone who puts in the time to read about it, so grab your favorite cup of coffee, wine, or bourbon, and buckle up. Figuratively speaking, of course. RESPONSIBLE USE OF CREDIT WARNING: Points and miles from credit card spending  are amazing if you never carry a balance on your card and never pay interest. This “hobby” —...

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